Finance and Human Resources

The Finance Director is charged with the responsibility of administering finance, human resources, and risk management. Additionally, the Finance Department manages the processing and registration for local Business Tax Receipts and Vacation Rentals. Financial services are provided to support all City departments and include accounts payable, cash disbursements, payroll accounting, general ledger accounting, debt management, accounts receivable, financial reporting, treasury management and fixed assets control. The major objective of financial services is to ensure that all accounting transactions are properly authorized, recorded and reported. 

This program is also responsible for the administration of human resources, including overseeing the recruitment and selection of employees, development and implementation of rules and regulations regarding employment, and ensuring that disciplinary actions are performed in accordance with the law.  This function also administers the pay and classification plan.  Additionally, this program manages all employee benefit programs, and the City’s insurance program which is designed to reduce losses and insure against property damage, vehicle liability and general liability.


Department Staff