Parking Information

Indian Rocks Beach has 18 beach access sites where residents and visitors may park for free.

Appropriate signage depicts resident parking versus visitor parking. Additionally, there is paid parking available at the Indian Rocks Beach/Pinellas County Beach Access Park at 17th Ave. The fee is $2.50 per hour. (Fees subject to change)

Parking by Permit

Resident Parking By Permit Only Decal

IRB property owners or residential lessees with at least a one-year lease may obtain (2) decals per property.

Decals can be obtained at City Hall with the following documentation:

  • A copy of Pinellas County Property Appraiser’s record identifying the applicant as a property owner, or record deed. If the applicant is a lessee, a copy of the one-year lease agreement or notarized letter from the landlord of the property for which the decal is sought, confirming the lease for at lease one year.
  • If the applicant is corporate entity, a copy of the current year’s annual report on file with Florida’s Secretary of State identifying the applicant as an authorized member of the corporate entity that owns the property for which the decal is sought.
  • A valid driver’s license for the applicant.
  • A valid registration for each vehicle.

Decal must be permanently affixed to the exterior rear of the vehicle in a visible location.

The decal is vehicle and license plate specific. If found on another vehicle or plate other than it was applied for, it may result in a fine in addition to the confiscation of the decal.

Parking Overnight

Parking Overnight (Residents & Visitors)

Residents and visitors may park for up to 3 nights at:

  • All beach access parking areas except the Pinellas County Beach Access Park (17th Ave).
  • All parks except the Nature Preserve (between 9th and 10th).
  • All side streets except where posted “NO PARKING”.

Do not park where it reads “NO PARKING” and “RESIDENTS ONLY WITH DECAL” unless you have a resident parking by permit only decal.

Boat Ramp

Boat Ramp

The 15th Avenue Boat Ramp is restricted to use by Indian Rocks Beach residents/property owners only. No resident/property owner is allowed to park or use the boat ramp for longer than 30 minutes at one time and are limited to the hours of 8:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.


Parking With A Trailer Or Motorhome

Motorhomes and trailers may park on any streets for up to 72 hours, except where posted NO PARKING. All trailers must be attached to a vehicle. There is no trailer or motorhome parking allowed at any of the beach accesses.

No camping or overnighting in a trailer or motorhome.

Please call City Hall with questions at (727) 595-2517.