Sign Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

  • Inventory of all existing signs on the same property and/or building on which sign is to be located
  • Maximum and minimum height of the sign, measured from grade
  • Dimensions and elevations (including the message and color) of the sign
  • Detailed drawings showing how the sign is to be constructed and secured
  • Signs shall have structural drawings signed and sealed by a licensed Florida engineer or architect.
  • Wind load requirements should conform to the Florida Building Code
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Applicant, Property Owner and Agent Information

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I certify that all information submitted on this application and attachments thereto are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any inaccurate information may result in revocation of the sign permit and removal of any sign erected pursuant to such permit. I will be responsible for the installation of the subject sign in accordance with the City of Indian Rocks Beach.

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