September 8, 2022

Press Release- Pick Up Your Cigarette Butts

“Pick Up Your Cigarette Butts for The Sake of The Crabs”The City of Indian Rocks Beach announces our latest Environmental Campaign “Pick Up Your Cigarette Butts for The Sake of The Crabs”. As part of this creative campaign, you will see reminders throughout the city of the importance of dealing with this litter associated with cigarette butts.In addition to the health risks posed by secondhand smoke, cigarette butts are a major environmental hazard due to the non-biodegradable plastic filters that are discarded.The City aims to educate the public and motorists about the environmental impact of cigarette butt littering. Cigarette butts leach toxins when wet, posing a threat to marine life. Litter clean-up costs the U.S. over $11B annually; cigarette butts represent an estimate 32% of that litter. They are one of the leading items found during cleanup projects and daily City of Indian Rocks Beach Solid Waste operations.Through this initiative the City hopes to raise awareness, change behaviors and attitudes around cigarette butt littering. Working to keep our parks, beaches, waterways, and our local ecosystems cleaner and safer.“The City of Indian Rocks Beach is proud to take this additional step in protecting our environment. We believe this campaign will reduce the number of cigarette butts on our beach and in our city.” said Gregg Mims, City Manager.For the sake of the crabs, pick up your butts.For further information, please contact:CITY OF INDIAN ROCKS BEACH727/595-2517 View News Attachment