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Indian Rocks Beach

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City of Indian Rocks Beach

1507 Bay Palm Blvd
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785



Monday - Friday (7:30am - 4:00pm)

General Information (727-595-2517)

City Manager (727-595-2517)

Finance/Personnel (727-595-2517)

City Clerk (727-595-2517)

Mayor/City Commission (727-595-2517)

Fax (727-596-4759)


Code Enforcement

Mike Kelley -


The purpose of this program is to respond to complaints and provide routine inspection services to promote compliance with City Codes. Most activity is focused on the abatement of nuisances within neighborhoods with result in blighting influences, or disturbance of the peace. Such activities include the general maintenance and upkeep of buildings, removal of trash and debris, removal of abandoned vehicles and trailers, responding to noise complaints in commercial and residential areas, proper storage and disposal of solid waste, controlling animal nuisances and enforcement activities of a similar nature.



Monday - Friday (10am - 4pm)

General Information (727-596-1822)

Planning, Zoning, and Building Department

Monday - Friday (7:30am - 4:00pm)

Phone (727-595-2517)

Fax (727-596-4759)

Public Services Department

Monday - Friday (7:00am - 3:30pm)

Administration (727-595-6889)

Park Maintenance (727-595-6889)

Recycling (727-595-6889)

Special Events Information (727-595-6889)

Street Repair & Flooding (727-595-6889)

Trash Collection (727-595-6889)

Beach Art Center

1515 Bay Palm Blvd (727-596-4331)

Historical Museum

Wednesday - Saturday (10:00am - 2:00pm)

203 4th Avenue (727-593-3861)